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My first dive into the vast ocean of meditation began on
the last day of 2016. Up in the mountains of Chiapas laid
the most random serendipity and ultimate experience with
an indigenous group and several strangers from diverse
countries congregated in a rather unique experience. It was a
desolate night that was lit up by the bond fire in themiddle; all
were sat in a circulated shape around it. Lofty trees standing
with the reflection of flames on them while the mountains
were looming before us. If you looked up, the trees shaped
a semi-circle, in the heart of it, the stars were staring back.
Later on, a short meditation practice took place as part of the
ritual of welcoming the arrival of the New Year. The purpose
was to be mindful and aware of the presence of one’s self
and the unfolding moments of the now, the call was to be
accepting without resisting. One could only be amazed by the
transformative power of the simple yet profound practice.
Dailymeditation in Punto Blanco:
awareness and smile.
By Malek Aggag
An exchange student from Nottingham, UK. His fild study in
Nottingham is Psychology with immense interest in cross-
cultural studies and languages.